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Isn´t it cute, this little kiwi?

They were 3 on a quad at night: Renée, a ranger from DOC (Department of Conservation), the little Kiwi, and Yep Yep Yep. It was raining, but the only one that did not get wet was the little Kiwi because he… Continue Reading →

New Zealand in pictures

Kia Ora whanau! (Hello family!) I attach a few photos of New Zealand. If you want to listen to music while you see them, you can click on link below to hear this megahit from the eighties in New Zealand…. Continue Reading →

Practical information for travelling in New Zealand

Whether to spend 15 days or several months, New Zealand offers the opportunity to get lost in the middle of nature and forget about everything. It is a country that offers possibilities for everyone: from taking a “road trip” and… Continue Reading →

Sand flies: bloody “Namu Namu”!

No, it is not a fandango from Huelva, a “Bulería” or any new “Palo Flamenco”, this is tourists killing “sand flies” or “Namu Namu” in Fiordland! What are “Namu Namu”? The sand flies are a little flies of about 5 mm… Continue Reading →

Ruapehu and the hot pools in New Zealand

Damn, how scary! Apart from the risk of an avalanche, using crampons and an ice axe, and the menacing sea of ​​mist that stretched 200 meters below me, climbing an active volcano makes you feel small and insignificant in the… Continue Reading →

The “Haka”

The “Haka” is a typical Maori dance that is well known by the “Pakehas” (Whitemen in New Zealand), as the National rugby team the “All Blacks” uses it before each match. Maori culture seems a bit impenetrable. There are places… Continue Reading →

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