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Gordo and Celia’s Ceviche

On April 23, 2016, we celebrated a different Sant Jordi by tasting Celia and Gordo’s Ceviche! They went shopping with Lara at the Wanchaq market in Cusco to prepare it! Then we went home, where Celia and Gordo cooked. The… Continue Reading →

The city of Arequipa and it´s ashlar stone or “sillar”

The city of Arequipa is known for being surrounded by three imposing active volcanoes, the Misti, the Chachani and the Picchu Picchu, for the “momia Juanita”, found at the top of the Ampato volcano in the 90s and also for… Continue Reading →

Choquequirao, the Machu Picchu sibling city

Choquequirao or “the cradle of gold” are ruins of the city that first belonged to the “Chankas” and then to the incas. Choquequirao is in the middle of nowhere and is considered as a sister city of Machu Picchu. Getting… Continue Reading →

Two days Bike Loop Cusco Ccorca Ccarhuis Occopata

Around Cusco there are plenty of places to explore. We take two days off with Isa and Katja to go south west, to an area called Ccorca in our bike loop. You can watch a video of our advenure here:… Continue Reading →

The mangroves in Tumbes and the dry forest in Zorritos

Waking up in the hostel Casa Grillo 3 Puntas in Zorritos is the most relaxing. You leave your cabin, you walk for a minute and you can stroll along the beach and contemplate the Pacific before going to breakfast, what more… Continue Reading →

Hiking around Ausangate in Peru

The Ausangate is an Apu or sacred mountain of 6,372 meters, a mass of ice 100 kilometers south of Cusco. The hike around the mountain can be done in 4 or 5 days and it is quite an adventure! Technical… Continue Reading →

From mate to coca

One of the things that surprised me the most when I arrived in Bariloche, Argentina, was the small pumpkins and thermos that all Argentines carry around. Day and night I saw them sipping a metal cane or “bombilla” with great… Continue Reading →

From Cusco to Pilcopata by mountain bike

Epic adventure to go from Cusco to Pilcopata by mountain bike! One of the fascinating things about Peru is that it has a variety of incredible ecosystems: desert, jungle, mountain, beach, humid forest, dry forest … From March 6 to… Continue Reading →

Paracas, Huacachina and Ayacucho

After the adventures in the Arequipa area, I continue the trip going to Paracas, Huacachina and Ayacucho. Paracas Paracas is a coastal town 3 hours south of Lima and 12 hours north of Arequipa. It is quite touristy, but quiet,… Continue Reading →

From Colca Valley to the Valley of the Volcanoes

Once I have visited the Colca Canyon, I take my backpack to go on an five days epic adventure from Cabanaconde, in the Colca Canyon to Andagua, in the Valley of the Volcanoes! You can see the route followed on… Continue Reading →

The Colca Canyon

Once I have climbed the Misti, I organize myself to go to the Colca Canyon, the second deepest in the world with 4.150 meters, 165 km northwest of Arequipa. Next to the “terminal terrestre” of Arequipa there are some vans… Continue Reading →

Arequipa and the Misti Volcano

Arequipa is a beautiful and elegant city under the imposing presence of the Misti volcano. There are buildings made of “sillar”, a white volcanic stone, which gives it the name of “ciudad blanca” (white city). I walk through the center,… Continue Reading →

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