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From mate to coca

One of the things that surprised me the most when I arrived in Bariloche, Argentina, was the small pumpkins and thermos that all Argentines carry around. Day and night I saw them sipping a metal cane or “bombilla” with great… Continue Reading →

Patagonia South to North: from Torres del Paine to Bariloche

Last stage of Yep Yep Yep through Patagonia, going up the “Carretera austral” and visiting glaciers, towns and friends! You can watch the adventure in this video! One of the interesting aspects of travelling through Patagonia is crossing the border… Continue Reading →

Torres del Paine

I leave Punta Arenas by bus to the north and three hours later I arrive at Puerto Natales, a small town by the sea that is the base for trips to Torres del Paine. There I sleep, I organize my… Continue Reading →

Adventure to Cape Froward and the Magellanic Penguins

Once in Punta Arenas, I prepare myself for the next adventure: to reach Cape Froward, the southernmost point of the South American continent. Further south from there everything is islands! I have been told that there is a path that… Continue Reading →

From Ushuaia to Punta Arenas: Straight Borders and the Adventures of Magellan

Ushuaia is a city on the north side of the Beagle Channel. This is where all the cruises that go to or from Antarctica stop, the motorcyclists and cyclists who have made the whole route from the north of Argentina,… Continue Reading →

Patagonic New Year and Adventure to Cerro Castillo

Hello everyone! I hope that you are well! Yep Yep Yep returns to the fray with more stories, this time from Patagonia! After working a little in Bariloche, Argentina, I crossed to the Chilean town of Futaleufú, the first step… Continue Reading →

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