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7 diferences between Indonesia and Thailand

I know that comparisons are hateful, but after spending 2 months in Indonesia I find it very difficult not to make them! Landing in Bangkok makes you feel like having one foot in Europe and the other in an unknown… Continue Reading →

Visiting the tribes in Siberut

Back in Padang , I took a boat to Siberut Island , the northernmost island of the Mentawai Islands. The boat, quite large and stable, set sail at 8pm and arrived in Siberut when the sun came up the next… Continue Reading →

West of Sumatra: volcano Kerinci (3805 m) and Bukkitingi

From Bali I get to the warm Jakarta, where I have a 6 hour transfer before flying to Padang. I change terminal and I feel as weird as an alien: I am the only “bulé” (foreigner) in the whole terminal,… Continue Reading →

Lombok and Mt. Rinjani (3721 m)

After 4 hours by boat from Padangbai, Bali, I arrived in Mataram, the capital of Lombok. Here I pretend to climb Rinjani, a volcano of 3721 meters, and explore by scooter beaches and villages. One immediately realizes several differences with… Continue Reading →


It is not surprising that Bali is so popular, because it has options for everyone: from lying on the beach and doing nothing all day, climbing volcanoes or explore mountain villages in the middle of rice fields. With temples and people… Continue Reading →

Lake Toba and the Orangutans in Sumatra

After the Siberut adventure, I decided to end the Indonesian trip by heading north to Sumatra to visit Lake Toba and see the orangutans at Bukit Lawang . Tourists, Gods or money with legs? Before, however, I entered with my… Continue Reading →

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