Epic adventure to go from Cusco to Pilcopata by mountain bike!

One of the fascinating things about Peru is that it has a variety of incredible ecosystems: desert, jungle, mountain, beach, humid forest, dry forest …

From March 6 to 11, I went with Guillermo and Quinnen from Cusco, in the Sierra (Andes), to Pilcopata, in the Manu National Park, one of the entrances to the Amazon jungle.

A good six-day adventure that you can see in the video below. I hope you enjoy it! We had a great time!

Data sheet

  • Link to the gpx track
  • Distance and elevation: 204,3 km (+4061m, -6952m)
  • Duration: 6 días
    Day 1: from Cusco to Pisac (30 km, +466m,-844m)
    Day 2: from Pisac to Chaquicocha (23 km, with epic climb pushing the bike included, +1388m, -113m).
    Day 3: from Chaquicocha to Paucartambo, via Llaqtapampa and Toccra (45 km, +504m, -1585m)
    Day 4: from Paucartambo to Ceja de Selva through Tres Cruces (70 km, +1550, -2795m)
    Day 5: from Ceja de Selva to Pilcopata (30 km, +207m, -1171m)
    Day 6: return to Cusco by Bus.
  • Difficulty: difficult because of the altitude and the rainy conditions.
  • Material: Bicycle, tent, saddlebags, sleeping bag, stove

Below you can see a map and the elevation of the route:


And some pictures!
Cusco to Pilcopata

Great team for a great adventure!

Azul Cocha

Azul Cocha

Cusco a Pilcopata

Quinnen, Guillermo and Uri

Cusco to Pilcopata

Quinnen and a llama

Arribada a Pilcopata

Arriving in Pilcopata