On April 23, 2016, we celebrated a different Sant Jordi by tasting Celia and Gordo’s Ceviche!

They went shopping with Lara at the Wanchaq market in Cusco to prepare it! Then we went home, where Celia and Gordo cooked.

The Ceviche was delicious! You can see the video of the experience here:

The ingredients they used are the following:

Fish (in that case, Perico)
Aji limo (spicy red chile)
Rocoto (a type of red pepper)
Sweet Potato
Choclo (White corn)
Kion (Ginger)
Lemon (in Europe we call it lime)

Sometimes it is difficult to find the ingredients to make ceviche in a different country. I am attaching a video of the famous chef Gastón Acurio in Mercados de Barcelona to see what he tells us about ceviche and what ingredients we can find near home to prepare it, in case you want to experiment:

Enjoy your meal!

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